Adapting Mobile Learning for Corporate Training


When was the last time you touched your phone? I can guess that you’re using it now, right? Almost every day, our smartphone is glued to our hands. We use it for everything, from communicating with friends to checking emails. So, why not utilise it to modify the way your employees learn? Mobile learning offers a new way to access learning content. Let’s take a look at some of its benefits for you to consider mobile learning in your corporate training.

What is Mobile Learning?


Mobile learning (also known as m-Learning) for corporate training is defined as the process of learning over the internet using personal devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and digital notebooks. It is flexible, allowing every users to access online content at any time, anywhere, and at the point of need.

Why should you opt for Mobile Learning?


• It is accessible and flexible

Not all employees have desk-bound jobs. Some are dispersed and rarely report to a physical office. So, how do you upskill them? You don’t just wait until everyone is in the office; you need a mobile learning strategy. 

With employees’ devices, training can go wherever they go. Since training is made simpler, they don’t have to finish the course during office hours. They can finish it at home, during a commute, or even during breaks! They can do it at their own pace, instead of trying to make time to complete the course in a way that interrupts their day.

• It demonstrates better completion rate

Most employees are preoccupied with their daily tasks, and sometimes they don’t have time to complete long e-Learning courses. However, the content of m-Learning is often bite-sized and concise, making it efficient and not too overwhelming. Because of this, employees can easily complete courses and swiftly move on to the next one. As employees dabble with bite-sized mobile learning anywhere they go, they can easily manage their courses and finish it in time. Therefore, this accelerates the completion rate of courses.

• It provides just-in-time learning

Just-in-time learning is an approach that gives employees the much-needed information right when they need it. For instance, to answer a customer’s queries, a sales associate needs essential information about a product right off the bat. By means of m-Learning, this employee may go online and check the company’s database to get the correct information with just his smartphone. Thus, instead of having to log in to the office desktop to get answers, you can get the right information quickly through your mobile phones, wherever you are. Clearly, mobile training offers practical and reliable tools for just-in-time support.

With all the advances of technology today, learning doesn’t just happen at work anymore. It happens anywhere! The flexibility and effectiveness of mobile learning hold great potential for the future. So, what are you waiting for? Embrace mobile learning now to train your employees on the go and keep them engaged.   

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