3 Signs Your Business Needs an LMS Software

Are you having a hard time delegating training to your employees? Is your time taken up with laborious manual tasks, such as scheduling training, statistics processing, and report preparation? Training and development of employees can be taxing, especially if you still find yourself stuck in repetitive and mundane tasks. In this scenario, technology in the form of a learning management system becomes a useful solution.

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a web-based platform that provides organisations with a centralised e-Learning ecosystem.

“This software is designed to allow instructors to deliver customised learning content and engage learners with much more interactive experiences. LMS is a one-stop shop to ensure learning is constantly delivered and tracked.”

If your company is looking for a more seamless training deployment, maybe now’s the time to invest in an LMS. But if you’re not sure whether your organisation needs it, here are some significant signs to consider.

Low Employee Participation

When training is disorganised and tedious, employees tend to lose the will to participate. Even if it is mandatory, they may cooperate without significantly paying attention to the content. If your organisation’s employee participation data is not encouraging and training is not causing the expected results, LMS is a necessary tool.


LMS makes learning more engaging. With scenarios, simulations, and gamification elements offered, learning experience and interactivity can be further enhanced, and thus, encourage participation. 

Lack of Tracking and Report System

Corporate training won’t be complete without a detailed report that gives insights into the progress of your employees’ performance and goals. You need to know which trainees are doing well and who might need extra help on the material. Without a formal learning system that has built-in analytics tools, you’re in the dark about your employees’ progress and achievements.


With the help of LMS, you can easily keep track of and monitor your employees’ progress. The collection of basic and extensive data is made easier and straightforward. With just one click, you can easily see how many people are enrolled, your top performers, and those who may be missing training.

Ineffective Remote Training

With the advancement of technology today, working remotely was made possible. With just a device and an internet connection, you can now work from anywhere! However, scheduling and delivering training to remote staff becomes a difficult task. Since these employees are in dispersed locations, they are not being monitored and seen every day and only depend on virtual interactions, therefore, tracking and monitoring of their performance might be overlooked. Add to that the need to ensure that every participant can access the training programmes anytime, anywhere, and on all kinds of devices.

In such a situation, an LMS serves as a useful tool for remote training. It will allow employers to deploy more accessible and engaging learning experiences that learners can access from any device as per their convenience. With a feature-rich LMS, like SSAVANT, you can automatically send notifications and reminders to your learners and track their course completion. Best of all, an LMS can save significant time and money by managing onboarding, compliance, and other training in a digital format.

Take the First Step

Now that you paid attention to the signs listed above, think carefully if your company is already experiencing these kinds of challenges. If the answer is yes, then it’s time for you to invest in a Learning Management System. 

Don’t know where to start? Look no further! We offer you SSAVANT! Our simple and straightforward learning management system optimised to cater to your training and learning needs. SSAVANT gives you the ability to track and monitor your learners’ progress, enhance learners’ engagement through animated videos, role-based simulations, and interactive quizzes, and it enables you to access training anytime, anywhere, from any device of your choice.

Considering that the modern workplace is changing rapidly and mobility is a standard, learning and training systems must also be as efficient and flexible in reaching out to learners. Surely, a learning management system will play a major role in ensuring the availability of training for all learners. 

Are you ready to take the first step? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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